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Trade Schools, Language Schools, Beauty Schools and School of the Arts

Statewide Credit Services provides an efficient and effective solution for managing your tuition accounts receivable.

At Statewide Credit Services Corp we know that you might have long established relationships with some consumers that owe you money, or it is possible that the student can still be enrolled in your school. We don’t want to tarnish your relationships nor your reputation.

Statewide believes in mediation not confrontation, which defeats procrastination.

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Statewide is a full service education collection agency. We specialize in tuition collections for private schools, colleges, nursery schools, daycare, and religious schools. We work with consumers in a respectful way to help them resolve their delinquent accounts.

Clients are provided with the ability to use a secure online portal to upload their debtor information and documentation, expediting the collection process.

Our goal at Statewide is to respectfully work with the debtors, while providing the highest rate of return for you. In the collection industry where loyalties change, Statewide has many long-time clients as our testimonials will attest.

Low Contingent Rate & High Success RateDuring these challenging economic times, Statewide Credit Services
is a valuable asset to your business

Our rates are performance based and are among the lowest in the industry. Our collection agency’s debt collection record is among the highest in the industry.


Licensed and bonded in several states.
Upon request, any document can be translated to the language of the consumer’s choice.